Target Memo Confirms They Know They Screwed Up

After celebrating LGBT “pride” by producing “tuck friendly” and “binding clothing” for youngsters, Target is facing a Bud Light-like financial blow. 

The company has been under fire for its apparent embrace of extreme woke lefty idealogy, which has also been exacerbated by its decision to sell artwork by a Satanic artist. 

Target, and other companies, seem never to learn that extreme progressive posturing sucks the life out of a company’s bottom line. You can go woke, but expect to go broke.

On Thursday, an internal memo from Target was sent to staff, thanking them for their patience as the firm dealt with the fallout from its questionable product lines and marking the third anniversary of George Floyd’s death. 

The business provided therapy to help employees cope with the tragedy of the criminal’s premature death. Target was just one of many “targets” for looting by the “distressed.”

Brian Cornell, CEO of Target, reflected on how he felt as he watched the tragic events of George Floyd’s death unfold. While many Target customers have probably questioned whether Derek Chauvin received a fair trial, Cornell has supported the decision against the cop implicated in Floyd’s murder. At this point, three years later, nobody wants to hear about Floyd’s death again, let alone go into a store and see a Floyd shrine. One can simultaneously believe that Chauvin was wrong, but Floyd was not an exemplary citizen. 

Black Lives Matter, which made millions off of Floyd’s corpse, is now facing its own financial collapse as public opinion shifts against the movement. The so-called gay rights movement has evolved from advocating for equal rights for gay and lesbian couples to demanding acceptance of every sick and perverted passion or tendency, mainly when it includes minors. 

Company CEOs, like Target’s, assumed they were taking no risk by supporting these controversial issues and are now experiencing backlash from exhausted conservatives.