Steve Bannon Floats RFK Jr As Trump 2024 VP

Steve Bannon, the former adviser to former President Donald Trump, revealed a rather surprising person who he believes would be a solid choice as Trump’s running mate for 2024 – Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

While speaking on his “War Room” podcast recently, Bannon said RFK Jr. would make “an excellent choice” for Trump’s running mate.

For now, RFK Jr. is probably focused on winning the Democratic nomination for president, as he made his candidacy official in an announcement last week. He’s hoping to take down incumbent President Joe Biden, who just announced this week that he’d be running for re-election.

Yet, it’s very unlikely that RFK Jr. will be able to oust Biden atop the Democratic totem pole, and not just because Biden is an incumbent president. Kennedy is unlikely to garner much support from traditional Democrats, mainly due to his anti-vax rhetoric and stances on many other main issues.

That may be why Bannon believes that RFK Jr. would make a good running mate for Trump. Not only do his views align with Trump’s, he’s also a Democrat technically who would probably draw at least some liberals to Trump’s side.

Plus, he certainly has name recognition. RFK Jr. is the son of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy and the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy.

On his podcast, Bannon spoke about a speech that RFK Jr. gave at Hillsdale, a Michigan college where he spoke last month and railed against Big Pharma. Bannon said:

“Someone asked about Robert F. Kennedy and the great speech at Hillsdale and what did I think about his prospects.”

Bannon still said that his first choice in a running mate for Trump would be Kari Lake, the former Fox News personality who just lost the 2022 gubernatorial election in Arizona. Lake hasn’t conceded her race to Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs, as she’s still challenging the results due to her claims of voter fraud.

It’s been rumored that Lake may decide to run for a seat on the U.S. Senate representing Arizona in the near future, though many people have also said she’d make a good vice presidential candidate for Trump.

In explaining his position on Trump’s running mate and Lake specifically, Bannon said:

“If she’s not available to be Trump’s VP, Bobby Kennedy would be an excellent choice for Trump to consider.”

The good news about RFK Jr. is that, as a presidential candidate, he has a platform that he’s already making public – and that could serve as a sounding board for him as a VP candidate.

His platform centers around anti-censorship and limited surveillance. It also includes ending the U.S. involvement in all foreign wars, preserving freedom of speech – which he says is “high priority” – and increasing environmental protections.

Many of those platforms seem to align much more closely with Republicans – and Trump specifically – which is why many are questioning if RFK Jr. might make a switch to the conservative party.