Steve Bannon CFO Asks Question To MTG About $100k Purchase

During an episode of the podcast by Steve Bannon (The War Room), the CFO of the show asked MTG (Marjorie Taylor-Greene, the representative from Georgia) whether the 100 grand she bid to win Kevin McCarthy’s “used chapstick” came from her own money or campaign dollars obtained from MAGA donors.

McCarthy is the Speaker of the House and a Republican representative from California.

Greene is one of the GOP’s top small-donor fundraisers and a frequent guest on Bannon’s War Room podcast. 

WarRoom’s chief finance officer, Grace Chong, tweeted Tuesday that Greene came on WarRoom asking MAGA people for more money, but she pointed out that many are struggling financially, and $100,000 is a bit out of their range.

Chong pointed out that Bannon’s and his brand of far-right populism’s discourse on economic issues, including inflation and the rising cost of living in the U.S., was at odds with the $100,000 chapstick fundraiser.

Greene spent $100,000 on chapstick as part of the Republican Party’s internal drive to raise money for the party’s 2024 election campaign.

Greene started bidding after McCarthy sweetened the deal by agreeing to attend dinner with the winning bidder and any donors and supporters they wanted to bring. 

The money goes to the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee.

Greene said to help the Republicans win back the House in 2024 and strengthen our majority; she is pleased to contribute $100,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee. 

According to a statement released by Greene’s office, her voters would be honored to host a dinner with Speaker McCarthy. She noted that they all think he is doing a great job.

Hours before Republicans planned to try again to pick a speaker, former President Donald Trump tweeted a full-throated endorsement of House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy.

Trump reportedly called a few lawmakers to discuss a variety of issues.

It is unclear if Trump’s devotion to McCarthy is reciprocal.