Speaker Johnson Concerned About Biden’s Visit With China

Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson (R-La.) underlined that President Joe Biden, while meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in San Francisco on Wednesday, needed to portray strength and not the weakness that has defined his foreign policy judgments. He claimed that Biden and his government emerged weak internationally, making the world more dangerous.

Johnson said on The Record With Greta Van Susteren he doesn’t think the president takes China “seriously enough” about China’s aspirations to become a global powerhouse. He said the Biden administration’s approach to our enemies, particularly China, is one of appeasement.

The speaker noted that If President Trump were still in office, he didn’t think the present global aggressiveness would be happening.

Johnson said he thinks Biden and his administration seem weak internationally.

He also noted that Ronald Reagan’s guiding philosophy was that “the best defense is a strong offense,” and weakness begets aggression.

Johnson said we’re keeping a close watch on Russia, as well as Iran, Israel, terrorists, and other despots throughout the world. The continued purchase of farmland in the United States and near military posts by the Chinese is a source of worry. In addition, the Biden administration reportedly did nothing as a Chinese spy balloon flew over the nation for eight days.

He believes a more forceful stance is necessary.

While a “tough conversation” with China is warranted, it’s crucial to have reasonable expectations. Considering the track record of prior talks with the Chinese government, Washington should not have great aspirations of convincing Beijing to change its ways.

The Chinese leadership has a history of employing so-called “dialogues” to conceal its underlying hostility to outside pressure.

Biden should follow this history and utilize U.S. economic might without Beijing’s agreement or cooperation. However, imposing such measures unilaterally reduces their likelihood of success. The Biden administration must collaborate with foreign nations to effectively restrain Beijing’s excesses.