Speaker Johnson Claims Trump Isn’t Calling Any Shots

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., asserts his authority in determining the approach Republican lawmakers will take towards a border security deal. In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Johnson emphasizes that he is the House Speaker making all the voting decisions for the House and highlights his long-standing advocacy for addressing the issue. Dismissing former President Donald Trump’s influence, Johnson stresses the responsibility of lawmakers to stem the flow of illegal immigration, regardless of the legislation’s designation.

Johnson’s remarks come amidst a bipartisan group of senators nearing a border deal, which he has previously deemed a “nonstarter in the House.” He argues that the proposed bill does not adequately address border security concerns. Trump also expresses opposition to the deal, asserting that any GOP lawmaker supporting it should be ashamed.

While Johnson and Trump’s representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment, Johnson recently criticized aspects of the Senate legislation on the House floor. He voiced concerns over rumors that the president might be granted the power to shut down the border after 5,000 illegal entries. Johnson finds this unacceptable, pointing out that such a provision would result in a million more illegal immigrants entering the country annually.

During his “Meet the Press” appearance, Johnson claimed President Biden possesses executive authority to act on the border without legislation. He argues that Biden could close the border overnight if he chose to do so. Despite several Republican lawmakers expressing opposition to the deal, Johnson admits that he has not been briefed on the specific details of the proposed legislation by the Senate.

In response, Biden contends that he requires greater authority from lawmakers to address the border crisis effectively. Biden asserts that he has done all he can and places the responsibility for reaching a deal on lawmakers, indicating that he would “shut down” the border if overwhelmed and granted the necessary authority.

The ongoing discussions surrounding border security reflect the complex and contentious nature of the issue. With Republican lawmakers seeking stricter measures and President Biden urging for legislative support, the fate of an effective and comprehensive border deal remains uncertain.