Slack Bans LibsOfTikTok Account Without Warning 

( According to reports, an alleged breach of Slack’s terms of service resulted in the suspension of the Libs of TikTok’s Slack account, which was used to communicate through the messaging platform. 

The Libs of TikTok account shared public material of social media users that support changing children’s genders, as well as people who preach liberal and progressive ideals about gender, adultery, teaching, and medicine. 

On Twitter, the news was first shared by Seth Dillon, the Chief Executive Officer of Babylon Bee. 

He explained that Slack HQ had indefinitely suspended the Libs of TikTok. If your line of work involves protecting children, Slack is not interested in receiving your financial support.  

Dillon tweeted the information along with an image of an email sent by Slack to the owner of the Libs Of TikTok account. 

The reason given in the email sent by Slack for the group’s suspension was that they had violated the Acceptable Usage Policy of the company. 

According to the email, the Acceptable Usage Policy grants them the authority to revoke or cancel access at anytime. 

Reports show the Acceptable Use policy is written in a way that leaves much room for interpretation. But it does state they have the right to suspend or terminate a user’s access to the services if they believe a policy violation was intentional, repeated, or presents a plausible risk of harm towards users, customers, or intermediaries. 

Reports reveal that Salesforce, the corporation that acquired Slack in 2020, reacted to Dillon’s tweet by saying that they were investigating the suspension of the account. 

Twitter users criticized the company’s policy.

One user expressed concern that this would imply they have access to other businesses’ private and sensitive communications.

Customers of Slack and clients of Salesforce said that the level of consciousness present at the firm had been off-putting. Others said that the Salesforce acquisition of Slack was the impetus for them to discontinue their use of the services.