Shocking Report Exposes Extremely Limited Deportation

Illegal Immigrants in the United States who did not have proper documentation were deported at a rate of fewer than 5% in 2023, according to data supplied by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

There were more than 3.2 million interactions with undocumented immigrants in the US and its borders. According to statistics from ICE, the Border Patrol interacted with almost 2 million individuals and field operators with an additional million. 142,580 aliens were deported in 2023, according to numbers issued by ICE. This is roughly double the amount from the year before.

Nearly half of these deportees had criminal records. There were over 12,000 assaults, 3,809 rapes, 1,450 abductions, 1,457 robberies, nearly 5,500 burglaries, 6,200 cases of weapons used in crime, and more than 26,000 assaults.

Among the individuals who were deported, 108 were foreign nationals whose governments were seeking them for major offenses, and 140 were confirmed or suspected terrorists. The Title 42 public health order resulted in the expulsion of almost 60,000 illegal aliens prior to May 2023.

Nearly twice as many people were deported in fiscal year 2023 as in 2022 (72,177), making it the largest deportations of Biden’s administration. A total of 59,011 people were deported in 2021.

According to Heritage Foundation director Lora Ries of the Border Security and Immigration Center,  US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas has publicly acknowledged that Customs and Border Protection has discharged over 70% of the 10 million illegal immigrants apprehended in the last three years.

Deportations during Biden’s first three years in office were 273,768—less than 2.5 times the amount during former President Donald J. Trump’s last three years in office.

As part of his hardline border strategy, which included the execution of Title 42 that enabled the rapid deportation of illegal migrants at the border, Trump had granted ICE officials extensive authority to pursue anybody lacking legal status in the US.  Approximately 709,227 migrants were deported between 2018 and 2020 under Trump’s administration.