Sheriff Places “Closed For Business” Sign Outside Drug House

( One North Carolina Sheriff’s Office is letting drug dealers know they are no longer welcome in the county.

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office west of Charlotte last week placed a yard sign outside of a known drug house in Kings Mountain, North Carolina that read, “This drug house closed for business by Sheriff Alan Norman.”

On its Facebook page, the Sheriff’s office boasted that customers would no longer be welcome and encouraged “unhappy customers” or Cleveland County residents to call the Sheriff’s office if they have information about other drug houses in the area.

The events leading up to the Sheriff’s office shutting down the drug house were not reported and details about arrests in the case were not publicized at the time.

Sheriffs in other states have also been promoting their crackdown on drug houses with the use of similar “Closed for business” signs as well.

In March, the Sheriff’s office in Flagler County Florida released a video promoting its crackdown on drug houses that featured Sheriff Rick Staly standing in front of the “Closed for business” sign and warning drug dealers to “get the hell out of Flagler County.”

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office did a similar video after another drug house bust in April.