Shaun King Quits Twitter After Elon Musk’s Purchase

( Shaun King has deleted his Twitter account.
It’s a noble deed that demonstrates his commitment to the struggle against white supremacy- or something like that.
It’s anyone’s guess. King may have been humiliated to the point of deactivating his Twitter account after he said Elon acquired the platform just to assert white power.
Or it’s possible that the constant stream of tweets from people reminding Shaun that he’s white, not black as he claims, made him irritable.
He’ll likely come back in a few days, stating that the battle and the struggle are too vital to abandon, and then he’ll ask for donations.
Here are some of the reactions from The Twitterverse-

Dave Rubin @RubinReport- White people out there deleting their Twitter accounts because of Elon Musk…

Zeek Arkham, Kingslayer @ZeekArkham- Shaun King hates Elon Musk because Elon is something that Shaun will never be: African-American.

Zeek Arkham, Kingslayer @ZeekArkham- Damn, Shaun… I was just playing. Fine, you can be African-American, too. No, really… we’re gonna get you some Soul-Glo and everything. P.S. I’m gonna call myself “Kingslayer” for awhile. Let me have it.

John Hawkins @johnhawkinsrwn- Elon has already decreased the number of scammers raising money on this app and keeping it for themselves on this app. Nice work.

Jeff Felt @TheFeltyPerro- He’ll come crawling back in a couple days

Chase Graves @TheChaseG- 100% all staged

King’s account was removed shortly after he questioned Musk’s plans to buy the firm, leading to accusations he deleted it to protest the takeover.

In a series of tweets, King implied that Elon Musk’s desire to buy Twitter wasn’t about left vs. right but about White supremacy.

He said Musk is a white nationalist reared in Apartheid. He’s enraged because white racists can’t harass individuals on Twitter. That’s his free speech.

King called Musk a ‘free speech absolutist’ who wants to create an environment where anything may be said about anybody.

Well, no. Musk wants to create an environment where what is said isn’t deemed unacceptable by an unfair arbiter who acts on behalf of one particular political opinion.

KIng quitting makes sense. He requires unequal justice to feel like justice is served.