Sen. Tom Cotton: ‘We Ought to Ban U.S. Investment in Strategic Chinese Industries’

( As President Joe Biden continues to ramp up economic sanctions against Russian financial institutions, Republican Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton is calling for a ban on United States investments in strategic Chinese industries. Cotton outlined the details of such a proposal during a speech at the Ronald Reagan President Library as part of the Reagan Foundation’s “Time for Choosing Speaker Series.”

Cotton outlined the threat that the Chinese Communist Party poses to the United States, slammed President Joe Biden for his failed foreign policy, and reminded the audience about the crisis at the southern border that the president wants to pretend isn’t happening.

“Indeed, both parties are complicit in one of the single worst mistakes of this generation: granting Communist China permanent Most Favored Nation status and admitting it into the World Trade Organization,” he said.

On Friday, President Joe Biden announced that Russia would no longer be granted the Most Favored Nation status – meaning that all normal trading relations between the United States and Russia ends. Russia will no longer be a member of the World Trade Organization…but communist China will.

Even though the Chinese Communist Party literally operates concentration camps in the Xinjiang province.

Cotton slammed China for committing virtually every economic crime imaginable, including “product dumping, intellectual property theft, illegal subsidies, economic espionage, currency manipulation, even using slave labor.”

If President Joe Biden is willing to sanction Russia this way, then shouldn’t his administration be listening to Cotton and others who say China deserves to be punished for committing some of the worst human rights abuses in the world?