Secret Service Says Trump Couldn’t Have Grabbed Steering Wheel

( Last Tuesday, the January 6 select committee held a special televised hearing featuring a “surprise witness,” former aide to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Cassidy Hutchinson who proceeded to spin hearsay tales so laughably outlandish that only the American news media and anti-Trump Twitter Resistance believed them.

Hutchinson claimed that an unhinged Donald Trump was so determined to go to the Capitol on January 6 that he “lunged” over the seat and attacked the Secret Service agent so he could commandeer the steering wheel.

Hutchinson didn’t witness this “Trump as Action Movie Character” scene. Instead, she claimed she was told about it by one of the Secret Service agents who was there.

Within hours, her hearsay testimony was disputed by the Secret Service agents present in the presidential SUV that day. It never happened. What’s more, the agent Hutchinson claimed told her the story denied ever telling her the story. The agents in question offered to testify to the committee to debunk Hutchinson’s outlandish claims under oath.

According to a former Secret Service agent who spoke with Insider, it would have been physically impossible for a 6’-3”, 250-pound Donald Trump to pull off such a ludicrous “Die Hard” maneuver.

The former agent told Insider that Trump’s girth would have prevented him from getting near the steering wheel.

Well, of course, it’s physically impossible. It didn’t happen.

The fully-armored SUV that took the former President to the rally and back to the White House has security features that make it extremely difficult to pull off such a move. According to the former agent who spoke with Insider, Trump would have to be a contortionist to get from the rear cabin of the SUV to the front.

The former agent said it wouldn’t be impossible, but a guy Trump’s size wouldn’t be able to do it.

The same media that grabbed the tall tale and ran with it were quick to point out that Hutchinson’s testimony was still explosive, despite this one debunked “anecdote.”

But it wasn’t an “anecdote,” was it? It was testimony made under oath. Sure, it was hearsay. But Hutchinson still recounted it in sworn testimony.