Secret Letter By Michael Cohen May Vindicate Donald Trump In Stormy Daniels Case 

( A 2018 letter from former Trump “fixer” Micheal Cohen’s attorney to the Federal Elections Commission reveals a contradiction in Cohen’s claims about the hush money payment he made to Stormy Daniels, The New York Post reported on Wednesday. 

In the letter dated February 8, 2018, Cohen’s attorney Stephen Ryan informed the Federal Elections Commission that Cohen paid Stephanie Clifford (AKA Stormy Daniels) from his personal funds and neither the Trump campaign nor the Trump Organization was “party to the transaction.” According to Ryan, neither the campaign nor the Trump Organization reimbursed Cohen “directly or indirectly.” 

However, six months later, when Cohen pleaded guilty to several federal crimes, including making an excessive campaign donation to Trump for paying Daniels $130,000 to stay quiet about her 2006 affair with Trump, he admitted to using a newly incorporated shell company to pay Daniels and seeking reimbursement from the Trump Organization for the amount, plus the $35 wiring fee and an additional $50,000 for work related to the Trump campaign. 

In short, either Cohen had his attorney lie to the FEC or he lied during his plea deal. 

The Post spoke with former Brooklyn prosecutor Julie Rendelman who suggested that the letter from Stephen Ryan to the FEC could be beneficial to the defense if Donald Trump is indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. 

Rendelman explained that the letter would “open the door” to further questions about Cohen’s credibility and could give the defense more ammunition when cross-examining the former Trump “fixer.” 

Former Manhattan prosecutor Michael Bachner echoed Rendelman’s assessment, telling the Post that Michael Cohen could be problematic for the prosecution since he has proved to be unreliable when it comes to telling the “absolute truth about what occurred.” 

Bachner said when a “star witness” has “an enormous amount of baggage” that includes a history of making false statements, that could be a “very serious problem” for the prosecution.