Sec. Of State Heads To G7 For Global Damage Control

Reports show that in light of the ongoing crisis in Gaza and Israel, as well as other global issues such as the war between Ukraine and Russia, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken toured Asia to seek assistance from the Group of Seven (G7).

Blinken has shifted his diplomatic efforts to the Far East to forge consensus on how to deal with the issues, following a pair of tours through the Middle East, where he came away with nothing after meeting with leaders in Israel, the Palestinian territories, Syria, and Jordan.

Japan “unequivocally condemns” Hamas’ assault on Israel, Foreign Minister Kamikawa said, adding that Japan supports U.S. efforts to find a path ahead and that strong solidarity between the U.S. and Japan is particularly vital at this juncture.

According to the State Department spokesman Matthew Miller, Japan has promised to give humanitarian aid to Gaza after Secretary Blinken met with Prime Minister Kishida.

The Gaza Health Ministry estimates that over 10,000 Palestinians have perished since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7.

Participants gathered to discuss strategies for convincing Israel to halt military operations long enough for humanitarian aid to enter the region and people to evacuate.

Israel is still skeptical that it would accomplish anything other than enable Hamas to collect itself and plot future assaults. In the meantime, Arab and Muslim countries are demanding an immediate comprehensive cease-fire, which the United States resists.

On Monday, the state-run Global Times in China joined the clamor calling for an urgent ceasefire in Gaza to protect Hamas as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) started going into the tunnel complexes Hamas built beneath hospitals and schools.

Meanwhile, China has forced over a million Muslims into concentration camps under the guise of dealing with a ‘separatist’ organization, which the United States government has shown does not exist.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops have taken control of the governor’s residence (the military and intelligence stronghold of Hamas) in the Gaza Strip and are continuing to dismantle Hamas and its command apparatus there.