Scientists Make A Quite Large Natural Immunity Discovery

( According to a new study, the natural immunity produced by COVID-19 infection in uninfected people is comparable to the protection afforded by vaccines against reinfection or hospitalization with the virus.

COVID-19 immunity was also found to last longer than vaccine-induced immunity.

Dr. Ari Robicsek said that they discovered that natural immunity gave a similar level of protection against COVID-19 infection as mRNA vaccination before the advent of the Omicron variant.

Dr. Robicsek is the chief medical analytics officer for the Providence health system, one of the nation’s major health systems, which published the study in partnership with University of Chicago researchers.

According to the study- Rates of COVID-19 Among Unvaccinated Adults With Prior COVID-19- unvaccinated adults with prior COVID-19 infection had an 85 percent reduced risk of contracting COVID-19 than unvaccinated adults without prior infection.

The study explained that patients with prior COVID-19 had 88 percent protection against COVID-19 hospitalization and 83 percent protection against COVID-19 that did not require hospitalization, suggesting that natural immunity was associated with similar protection against mild and severe disease.

While vaccine-related protection from moderate COVID-19 has diminished at six months, mRNA vaccinations are linked with similar sustained protection from severe COVID-19 as found in our investigation.

Natural immunity in uninfected people was found to last for up to nine months after the initial infection, which was the maximum amount of time researchers could analyze. Protection was consistent throughout the research period, with no protection attenuation up to 9 months after the first infection.

Previous studies examining protection against SARS-CoV-2 reinfection reported comparable results, with protection linked with natural immunity ranging from 80.5 percent to 100 percent.

This level of protection is comparable to that reported with mRNA vaccinations.

Between October 1st, 2020, and November 1st, 2021, approximately 100,000 people were tested for COVID-19 at 1,300 locations of care throughout Providence’s extensive health care system. The study was published in JAMA Network Open on April 20th.

According to Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips, Providence’s chief clinical officer, this data is critical in helping understand the intensity and persistence of natural immunity. It allows us to compare the success of past infections with mRNA vaccines.
The findings provide fresh insight into the duration of protection following an initial infection in the unprotected population. They could have substantial consequences for vaccination guidelines and public health policy.

In a 2004 interview, Anthony Fauci stated that the greatest flu vaccination is to get ill oneself.