Russian Tycoons Call In Security To Protect Their Property

( After the 157-foot Russian-owned luxury yacht “Lady Anastasia” was sabotaged by its Ukrainian chief engineer, Russian tycoons with yachts, businesses, and villas on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca have had to hire private security to protect their property from vandals, according to the UK Daily Mail.

The engineer, Taras Ostapchuk, had attempted to scuttle the vessel by opening the valves on the “Lady Anastasia” to allow water to flood the yacht owned by Russian businessman Alexander Mijeev. Ostapchuk admitted he sabotaged the mega-yacht in an act of revenge against Russian forces destroying Kyiv.

Two other Ukrainians working on the yacht closed the valves and prevented the vessel from sinking.

Since the incident, many of the Russian tycoons living on Mallorca began hiring 24-hour security services to protect their property from sharing the “Lady Anastasia’s” fate.

In addition to 24-hour security, Russian tycoons are also boosting their maintenance, kitchen, and cleaning staff to make sure their villas are always occupied and someone is on hand to contact the National Police or Civil Guard in the event of an incident.

Meanwhile, in Anglet in southwestern France, the outer walls and columns on Vladimir Putin’s ex-wife’s villa have been vandalized with profane graffiti including “F**k Poutine” – the French spelling of her ex-husband’s name.

In a shout-out to Ukraine, the vandals applied their profane messages using both yellow and blue paint. They also painted the Ukraine flag on the property’s gates.

The villa is owned by Lyudmila Putin’s current husband, Russian businessman Artur Ocheretny.

If you think Russian citizens are faring better in the United States, think again.

Just days after Russia launched its invasion, the Russia House restaurant in northwest Washington DC was vandalized on two separate occasions. Vandals smashed windows and spray-painted anti-Russian graffiti on the building.

Last week, the Metropolitan Opera in New York dismissed Russian soprano Anna Netrebko after she refused to “repudiate” Vladimir Putin.

Netrebko had made a statement expressing her opposition to the invasion of Ukraine, calling it a “senseless war of aggression.” But because she didn’t go so far as to attack Putin, the Met decided to let her go and replace her with a Ukrainian opera singer.