Russian Star Dies Without Warning

( A family member reportedly found the body of a professional Russian MMA fighter with no prior serious health issues in his home.

According to sources, Alexander Pisarev, 33, was discovered by his father on October 30 and taken to the hospital along with his wife, who is still there.

According to a member of the featherweight’s Tomahawk team member who spoke to a Russian news outlet, Alexander Pisarev died in his sleep and had no chronic health problems. Preliminary statistics indicated that food poisoning was the cause of death.

According to some regional news outlets and rumors, Alexander Pisarev passed away after consuming poisoned watermelon, while others claimed that he overdosed on opioids.

According to Pisarev’s father, Igor Vladimirovich, he looked inside the room and saw Alexander and his wife were asleep.  As he drew closer, he became aware that his son was not breathing. After his most recent MMA fight, there were finger fractures, but this is nothing unusual.

Since then, Pisarev’s death has been the subject of an inquiry by Russian authorities.

The Moscow Region Investigative Committee issued a statement explaining that in Balashikha, an investigation was begun into an athlete’s death due to poisoning. Investigators are performing an extra inspection of the site with the assistance of a forensic specialist. They will be seizing materials related to the inquiry and preparing a forensic chemical examination.

The athlete’s death was subsequently confirmed by Pisarev’s Tomahawk team in a statement, but no cause or any more information was provided.

The Tomahawk team left a post on the social media site VKontakte. It stated that the loss of a friend was beyond words. Alexander Pisarev is the model of friendship, decency, and courage of a Russian citizen. They expressed sorrow and wished for peace.

No one should expect that Russia would be willing to admit what really happened to Pisarev publicly.