Russia Issues Bold Statement On Israel-Hamas Conflict

Russia’s Kremlin warned Russian state media on Monday that a “high risk” exists of a third party becoming involved in the war between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas in response to the United States moving a carrier strike group closer to Israel.

There’s a good chance that outside groups will engage in the fighting. Dmitry Peskov told Russian official news agency TASS that it was necessary to find measures to move toward dialogue as quickly as possible to calm tensions and avoid attempts to resolve the matter by armed means. Peskov is an official Russian presidential spokesman.

‘The Middle East has always been an area where the interests of many countries are entwined, and these countries have not always had a favorable impact on the situation in the region,’ Peskov said. A delicate equilibrium must be maintained between competing priorities, including “the rights of states that need to be respected and the security of those nations.”

Peskov believes”the situation is going towards greater escalation of the crisis in Israel.”

On Monday, after Lloyd Austin, the Defense Secretary, said on Sunday that the United States would send the USS Ford, the Navy’s most cutting-edge aircraft carrier, closer to the Mediterranean to “bolster regional deterrence operations,” Peskov reacted with his comments.

The United States maintains other ready forces across the globe to augment those in the Eastern Mediterranean as needed, and according to Austin, the Pentagon is also making efforts to bolster the U.S. Air Force fighter aircraft units in the region.

On Monday, the combat between Israel and Hamas militants killed 900 people, including troops and civilians, from both sides in Israel, according to The Associated Press.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Israel’s intensified onslaught against Hamas has resulted in the deaths of an additional 680 Palestinians in Gaza.

The Israeli military claimed on Monday that its air force had undertaken one of the most significant air strike operations “ever” against Hamas in Gaza, striking 1,200 targets between Saturday and Monday and doubling that figure on Monday.

President Biden assured Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the United States is prepared to deliver “all acceptable means of support” to Israel.

According to the White House, Biden called Netanyahu on Sunday and expressed condolences for the Israeli people while assuring him that “more help” was on the way to bolster the IDF.