Rudy Giuliani Faces Immediate Arrest Over Divorce Settlement

( Last week, a New York judge issued a stern warning to former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani after he failed to show up for a hearing in his divorce case last month.

During Friday’s hearing, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz expressed disgust over Giuliani missing the prior hearing, warning the former mayor that he could be arrested. Katz told Giuliani that he had a sheriff on notice, adding “this is a serious matter.”

In September, Giuliani skipped the hearing to sort out how much money he owes his ex-wife Judith after she filed a lawsuit claiming he was behind on the payments outlined in their divorce settlement.

In the September hearing, Judge Katz held Giuliani in contempt of court for failing to appear and ordered him to pay $235,000 by last Friday or else he could face jail time. When Giuliani appeared on Friday, the judge lifted the contempt of court ruling against him.

The judge blasted Giuliani for missing the previous hearing, noting that the former mayor knew full well of the September 23rd court date since Katz had announced it in court and Giuliani had repeated the date back to him.

Giuliani said he put down the wrong date after he left the courthouse. He apologized to the judge for failing to appear at the previous hearing, saying he “made a mistake” and it was “very stupid.”

Giuliani also presented the court with documents he claimed back up his argument that his ex-wife overstated the amount of money he owed her.

Katz agreed to set a new court date.

Giuliani and Judith split in 2018 after 15 years of marriage and spent a year bitterly fighting in court over their $30 million fortune before reaching a settlement.

Under the settlement, Giuliani agreed to pay Judith $5,000 a month to cover the cost of a housekeeper and an assistant as well as another $200,000 for a property they owned.