Ron DeSantis’ Wife Responds To Lies About Her Husband “Bullying” Special Olympics

( After California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) accused the DeSantis administration of “bullying” the Special Olympics, Florida’s first lady Casey DeSantis responded on Monday.

She tweeted:

This is why we fight, for those who need a reminder. Because @RonDeSantisFL stepped up and battled for Isabella and all the other Special Olympians who would have been disqualified, Isabella was able to participate in the games. We won’t give up on folks like Isabella.

Her remark is most likely intended as a rebuttal to Newsom, who claimed that the DeSantis administration “bullied” the Special Olympics, which were hosted in Orlando, Florida:

The DeSantis administration battled against the Special Olympics’ coronavirus rules, which put participants in a challenging situation and would have banned some from ever competing, despite Newsom’s false story. In addition, it forced some people to receive the injection despite their moral convictions.

Governor DeSantis stated last month that failure to submit and obtain the COVID vaccine would prevent participants from participating in the Special Olympics. He then cited the example of a competitor who requested a medical exemption but was turned down, which led to a disaster.

DeSantis explained that there was a Kansas-based family. They visited six different physicians to get a medical exemption for their son, who had Down syndrome, so he could compete and avoid getting the vaccine. They were instructed to administer the initial dosage, and if there are any adverse side effects, a medical exemption will be made available. The Down syndrome kid did it under duress, had a seizure, and was sent to the hospital immediately after receiving his first dose. After going through that, he was eventually given the exemption, which was utterly needless and absurd.

DeSantis continued by explaining that you keep running into situations where these folks must make judgments, some of which are not necessarily their own, which is great by me, but some of which you have counseled against. Additionally, many of these elite Olympians had COVID at this point since, I mean, most people have it by this point. Therefore, it wasn’t logical to implement such an obligation in June 2022.
The Special Olympics eventually stated on June 2 that it would remove the mandate after the administration threatened to bury it under $27.5 million in fines if it continued.

At the time, the Special Olympics stated that the delegates who were enrolled for the Games but unable to participate owing to the earlier vaccination requirement now had the opportunity to go.

DeSantis said he hoped this was handled sooner and believes this is very important. The previous mandate was completely inappropriate.