Ron DeSantis Signs Requirement For Financial Literacy For Children

( Popular Republican Governor Ron DeSantis just signed a new law that requires all students who begin high school in the 2023-2024 school year to take a financial literacy course in order to graduate. The course is designed to help young people learn how to manage money, understand how debt and interest work, and prepare these young people to become productive and responsible members of society.

The bill, SB1054, was praised by DeSantis as being a great way to prepare students for life after school.

This is something that governors across the entire country should be doing, isn’t it?

“We think that it will help improve students’ ability in financial management, for when they end up in the real world. But also, using these skills as pathways to high-demand fields, which there are very high-demand fields in this regard,” DeSantis said to the press in Wesley Chapel as he signed the legislation.

Specifically, the legislation will require students to take a half-credit course that focuses on money and finances and will help students understand different kinds of bank accounts, how credit scores work, savings and investment schemes, and how to complete loan applications.

It’s great news for the people of Florida, but isn’t it shocking how so many fully grown adults probably don’t know everything that will be taught in these upcoming classes?

DeSantis is ahead of the curve on this one, just as he was on the COVID-19 pandemic and the danger of lockdowns and mandates.