Ron DeSantis Says His Picture Is Being Used To Promote Laws He Doesn’t Support 

( Tuesday, during a press conference following his State of the State address, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized the media for using photos of him in their reports about a Florida state Senator introducing a bill that would require independent bloggers to register with the state, which DeSantis said he would never support. 

The legislation, introduced by Florida Republican state Senator Jason Brodeur, was met with angry, breathless reporting in the corporate media. The bill would require any blogger who writes about state government officials to register with Florida’s Office of Legislative Services or the Ethics Commission. 

Despite the legislation coming from a sole Republican in the state Senate, the corporate news media used the bill as more “proof” that Ron DeSantis is a dangerous fascist authoritarian who is a threat to the First Amendment and press freedom. 

News outlets like The Guardian, Huffington Post, and Vanity Fair included photos of Governor DeSantis in their coverage of Brodeur’s bill. 

Pundits and anchors from the far-Left cable news outlet MSNBC also framed Brodeur’s legislation as part of Governor DeSantis’ plan to turn Florida into a fascist state, including host Joy Reid who accused DeSantis of wanting to strip away press freedom. 

DeSantis told reporters that anyone in the state legislature can file legislation, but when some lawmakers file bills, the articles about them include “my face.” He said Brodeur’s legislation isn’t anything he has ever supported, adding that he has been “very clear on what we are doing” and he doesn’t support Brodeur’s bill. 

He added that members of the Florida legislature have “independent agency” to file whatever piece of legislation they want. He said he doesn’t control “every single bill.” 

Previously, Bryan Griffin, the Governor’s press secretary, told NBC News that, as he usually does, the governor will “consider the merits” of a final bill “if and when it passes.”