Ron DeSantis May Have Hit His Peak, Polls Suggest 

( Has the Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, peaked? 

After two new polls show former President Donald Trump is on top in the 2024 primary race, defeating DeSantis decisively, analysts wonder if the Florida governor has legs or was just a momentary flash in the pan. 

DeSantis was trending higher earlier this year, but a Monmouth University poll just showed Trump’s lead is 41%-27%. Just this December, DeSantis led Trump in the same poll. 

In their new poll, McLaughlin & Associates showed Trump leading 46% to DeSantis’s 23%, a hefty 2-1 margin. Two months ago, the poll had DeSantis at 31% and Trump at 43%. 

DeSantis seems to be fading, but many pollsters said it might be too early to tell because DeSantis has not officially declared his run yet. 

John McLaughlin’s analysis, however, of the data was simple. He says he sees a shift in support for Trump from DeSantis because MAGA voters want the real McCoy. 

McLaughlin said the premise that you could have someone “like Trump” but you “can’t have Trump” is fatally flawed. Trump is available. Why not get the real thing? 

DeSantis tries to be like Trump but welcomes D.C.’s establishment’s support.  

The DC establishment is fully committed to the corrupt Biden family, and with Trump, people know he is doing everything he can to stop Biden because they, in turn, are doing everything they can to stop Trump. 

“Nothing threatens Washington’s elite and establishment more than President Trump,” McLaughlin said. 

Meanwhile, many groups that support DeSantis are just beginning to nationalize their efforts. DeSantis is still in the starting blocks on his extended primary journey.  

Trump has massive name recognition. Even if his name is in the news negatively, it seems to increase his popularity. 

DeSantis pales on that front. That may or may not work to his advantage regarding “peaking.” Only time will tell.