Ron DeSantis Is Worried About Chinese Purchases Of American Land

( Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stated in an interview that China’s acquisition of houses and property in the United States is a “major concern.”

According to reports, Ron DeSantis made the statement in response to news that China is the top investor in the US real estate market. China consumed $6.1 billion worth of homes and land last year, according to a National Association of Realtors (NAR) report.

DeSantis stated in a Fox News interview that he didn’t think China should be permitted to do that. He said he believed the issue is that these corporations have relationships to the CCP, and he thought it was a significant concern.
According to NewsMax, the U.S. Department of Agriculture disclosed in 2019 that at least 192,000 acres of American farmland valued at more than $1.9 billion were controlled by Chinese-linked businesses.

According to real estate reviews, Canada ($3.6 billion), India ($3.6 billion), Mexico ($2.9 billion), and Brazil ($1.6 billion) are the next most significant foreign investors in U.S. real estate.

According to the NAR study, Florida had the highest number of real estate acquisitions, and [2021] marks the 14th year in a row that foreign investors chose Florida as their top option.
North Dakota isn’t “red” because it is Conservative but because it does excessive business with the Chinese.
Senators Kevin Cramer (R-ND) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) issued a letter to the Biden administration earlier this month requesting a national security investigation of the Chinese company Fufeng’s purchase of farmland in North Dakota. The area is about 12 miles from the Grand Forks Air Force Base, which houses drone storage.
The Fufeng Group chose Grand Forks as the location for its new wet grain mill, the City of Grand Forks declared in November 2021. The Chinese firm, well-known for producing monosodium glutamate in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), bought 370 acres in the agricultural park in Grand Forks.
According to the senators’ letter, the property is about 12 miles from Grand Forks Air Force Base. That has led to concern that Fufeng operations could provide cover for PRC surveillance or interference with the missions located at that installation, given Fufeng Group’s reported ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

If the public and their representatives fought the grifters within their states, they wouldn’t need the shady Fed to handle anything for them.