RNC Insiders Want Trump Arrested So They Can Move On

(PresidentialHill.com)- MSNBC contributor Michael Steele claimed in a recent Politico interview that some members of the RNC are “privately wishing” that former President Donald Trump ends up in jail before the 2024 election.

In a Q&A interview in Politico Magazine, Steele, who used to be the RNC chair before becoming a far-left MSNBC contributor, was asked how much of a difference it would make in the primaries now that the RNC “has been so shaped by Trump.”

How Michael Steele would know the answer to that is a mystery since he has no affiliation with the RNC anymore. But Steele answered it anyway, telling Politico that it would make a “huge difference.”

He claimed that he spoke with “some folks” who supposedly told him that they hope “Trump is sitting in a holding cell” by the 2024 election. Steele concluded that this shows there is a “high level of anxiety” from within the party that Trump will be “allowed to roam free over the political landscape over the next 18 months.”

Steele said he wasn’t sure how the RNC “exorcises that demon” when it is unwilling to heal itself.

A vehement anti-Trump former Republican, Steele claimed that the RNC is dominated by “the MAGA strain of Republicanism,” especially within the state parties. He claimed that these state-level party officials are changing the rules and a “willing to ignore an insurrection,” and those attitudes are reflected in the national RNC. He said members of the RNC who want to go in another direction are finding it difficult to change course.

Steele told Politico that he thinks the odds of Trump winning the nomination are at 80 percent, which means the fortunes of the RNC are tied to Trump for better or worse.

He said the RNC won’t survive if it remains “fixated on the ramblings and musings of one person who, in the main, is not a Republican” or a conservative. But, he added, too many people within the party are “willing to compromise” their conservative values to keep Donald Trump in power.