RINO Republican Sees Another Staffer Charged

(PresidentialHill.com)- Another senior member of disgraced ex-Congressman Scott Taylor’s (VA-2) failed 2018 re-election campaign has been convicted of election fraud.  The charges stem from a scheme in which Republicans forged the signatures of local voters’ signatures to get a Democratic spoiler candidate on the ballot as an independent.

According to reports, Robert Catron, a top consultant for Scott Taylor’s 2018 re-election campaign, pleaded no contest earlier this month to drastically reduced charges. A grand jury in Virginia Beach initially indicted Catron on ten counts of making false statements and election fraud and faced up to 100 years in prison. However, he reached a deal and pleaded guilty to three misdemeanors.

Catron received a 36-month suspended sentence, contingent on his good behavior, and will spend only one year on probation. He is required to pay a $7,500 fine. The conviction of Rob Catron marks the fourth conviction of a member of Taylor’s 2018 campaign for election fraud.

Before Catron’s conviction, former Taylor employees Lauren Peabody, Roberta Marciano, and Heather Guillot pleaded guilty to their respective charges.

Although Taylor has not been indicted, and prosecutors have declared the case closed, the former representative has admitted that he knew about and participated in the scheme to get Brown on the ballot. The only remaining question is whether or not Taylor violated the law.

Reports show Jarome Bell, a former opponent of Taylor’s, was censored and targeted during his 2022 run. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s FTX funds were used to attempt to derail his “America First” campaign. Taylor was an early supporter of Republican candidate Jen Kiggans in 2022, who benefited from more than $5 million of Kevin McCarthy’s dark money.

According to Bell, Scott Taylor’s claims of ignorance regarding the election fraud scheme do not add up. He believes there was no way that Taylor did not know what was going on.  People who believed in and trusted him were all thrown under the bus.

Eventually, we all get thrown under the bus by politicians.