Republican Booed, Gets In Clash With Debate Moderator

( During the debate between Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and her Democrat challenger Adam Frisch, the Republican incumbent called out the partisan moderator reportedly prompting boos from the audience.

At the start of last Saturday’s debate, as moderator Edie Sonn asked Boebert and Fisch if they agreed to the debate rules, Boebert took the opportunity to note that Sonn had tweeted her support for Boebert’s Democrat opponent during the 2020 election.

Boebert asked Sonn if she could disclose to the audience that she “publicly supported” the 2020 Democrat, Dianne Mitch Bush, and asked if she would also disclose any other support she may have offered to Democrat candidates in the past.

Pointing out that the debate was supposed to be “nonpartisan,” Boebert asked Sonn to confirm that she had tweeted at Mitch Bush that she had “always been a supporter of yours.”

The question prompted boos from a handful of people in the audience.

Sonn feigned righteous indignation, pointing out that the debate “is not about me.” She claimed that she was there “to be the traffic cop” for the panelists asking the questions. She told Boebert that she was “respectfully” asking that the congresswoman “respectfully agree to the terms of the debate,” adding that if Boebert doesn’t agree, “then we can close things down right now.”

Boebert said she agreed to the rules, but quickly added that she was happy that now everyone knows that the debate organizers had “not chosen a nonpartisan moderator.”