Reporter Tries To Take Her Own Life Amid Bullying

( After receiving a barrage of criticism over her emotional reporting of the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a Chinese journalist working in Japan reportedly tried to take her own life last week.

Earlier this month, Zeng Ying was viciously trolled on social media by Chinese nationals outraged that she broke down into tears while reporting live on Abe’s assassination. She was forced to apologize for the “unprofessional” behavior of displaying “personal emotion on a public platform” and for “hurting everyone’s feelings.”

DDBK, the Tokyo-based company founded by Ying, said she had been in “physical and psychological pain.”

Shinzo Abe was a deeply divisive figure in China. Many Chinese nationals believed Ying’s overt show of emotion wasn’t just unprofessional, but also unpatriotic. Taking to the Chinese social media platform Weibo, Chinese nationals attacked her for crying over Abe’s death, accusing her of not being Chinese.

Ying’s Weibo account has been deactivated allegedly for violating “relevant laws and regulations.”

Last week, a friend of Ying’s, Chen Lan, posted to Weibo what she claimed was a suicide note Ying had posted to her WeChat account.

In the note, Ying claimed to have battled depression since 2018 and said since July, she had found it hard to deal with life and work.

Chen confirmed that her friend had been admitted to the hospital. She expressed fear for Ying’s life since she had attempted suicide in the past.

Investigative reporter Li Jifeng confirmed on Weibo that last Tuesday that Ying had attempted to kill herself in Japan.