Ratings Agency Exec Resigns After Alleged Blacklisting Of Israeli Companies

(PresidentialHill.com)- Sustainalytics’ top executive, who previously spent years working for an anti-Israel advocacy group, said last week that she is resigning after criticism of the firm’s dependence on sources that some claim is biased and discriminatory towards Israeli businesses.

After 18 years with Sustainalytics, a division of the world leader in business ratings Morningstar, Lang announced her resignation. According to reports, Heather Lang was a one-time official at the anti-Israel activist organization B’Tselem.

The report comes amid claims that Sustainalytics, one of the primary rating organizations that rate businesses according to their environmental, social, and governance policies, is prejudiced against Israel and denigrates firms that support the Jewish state’s national security initiatives.

Lang formerly worked for B’Tselem, a self-described human rights organization that, according to its website, claims that Israel’s rule of apartheid and occupation is intricately tangled up with human rights crimes. B’Tselem is part of a network of NGOs that advocate fake and fabricated concepts of apartheid to extend the continuing campaigns that attempt to delegitimize and vilify Israel by NGO Monitor, a watchdog organization that keeps track of Middle East groups.

Reports show that Morningstar hired White & Case to conduct an internal inquiry into Sustainalytics’ suspected anti-Israel bias. This followed an investigation by the state commission, the Illinois Investment Policy Board, investigating whether the business had broken anti-boycott rules in the state.

A week after the Missouri attorney general opened an inquiry into claims of anti-Israel prejudice at the rating behemoth, Lang’s employment at Sustainalytics raised concerns about the impartiality of its management.

Lang did not mention the probe or the accusations of prejudice concerning her departure.

Morningstar informed the media that the business would not comment on Lang’s departure because information about a person’s work is kept private.
The White & Case investigation did not mention Lang’s previous work with B’Tselem.
Sustainalytics allegedly relied on information from Who Profits, a nonprofit that backs boycott efforts against Israel, according to the White & Case inquiry.
There’s nothing like investigating yourself and finding yourself innocent.