Rapper Accidentally Shoots Himself During Social Media Video

Up-and-coming rapper Rylo Huncho from Suffolk, Virginia tragically lost his life this past Wednesday after accidentally shooting himself while filming a video for his social media pages. The local artist was only 17 years old, leaving behind a loving and grieving family, many friends and followers, as well as a promising future in the music industry.

On Wednesday, May 22nd, the Suffolk Police Department confirmed to the press that a 17-year-old male died around 10 p.m. due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head that police believe may have been accidental. Police confirmed that the teenage rapper was rushed to a nearby hospital where he unfortunately passed away from his injuries.

Initially, Suffolk Police did not identify the 17-year-old to the public, but his family and friends announced that it was Huncho not long after. The video that Huncho was filming, which has now spread across social media platforms, featured the young artist dancing and rapping to background music while flashing a pistol equipped with a green infrared laser sight. In the video, it seems that Huncho releases the pistol’s safety, before aiming it at his head, where a gunshot can then be heard as Huncho falls to the ground along with the camera.

Huncho’s mother has since set up a GoFundMe page to help with her son’s funeral expenses. Huncho’s cousin eventually confirmed that the cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the cranium. Whether or not the shooting was accidental or suicidal, the late rapper’s cousin has asked anyone with information to come forward, to help his grieving mother.

Rylo Huncho had 10 full songs posted to his Spotify account, along with 680 monthly listeners. In March of this year, Huncho posted a picture when he only had 164 monthly listeners, stating that he would “trust the process” of his inspiration to become a major artist. Huncho’s last song was released on May 12th.