Rand Paul Gets 100% Scorecard From The CPAC

On Monday, the Conservative Political Action Coalition released its annual conservative scorecard for members of Congress, rating lawmakers on their commitment to advancing a conservative agenda during 2022, Just the News reported.

In announcing last year’s scores, chairman Matt Schlapp expressed frustration with the Republican lawmakers who have helped President Biden advance his legislative agenda in 2022.

Schlapp said he had hoped Republicans in Congress would have sought to deal with the problems he outlined in the previous year’s list. Unfortunately, rather than address the problems faced by the country, Congress “poured oil on the fires” by increasing inflation, deficits, illegal immigration, and crime by voting for Biden’s agenda, Schlapp said.

Most notably, Schlapp criticized Congress for passing the $1.7 trillion spending bill before Christmas, “with Republican leadership’s acquiescence.”

The conservative scorecard rates each lawmaker’s conservative credentials based on the votes they cast during 2022.

In the Senate, three Republican lawmakers received a perfect 100 percent score, earning them the “Award for Conservative Excellence.” The three Republican senators were Mike Braun of Indiana, Mike Lee of Utah, and Rand Paul of Kentucky.

In the House, a total of 14 Republican lawmakers earned a 100 percent score: Mike Cloud and Chip Roy of Texas, Bob Good of Virginia, Kevin Hern of Oklahoma, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jody Hice of Georgia, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Gregory Steube of Florida, Debbie Lesko of Arizona, Ralph Norman of South Carolina, Mary Miller of Illinois, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Matthew Rosendale of Montana, and Thomas Massie of Kentucky.

The Republican lawmakers who scored the lowest in 2022 included former members Liz Cheney (54 percent) and Adam Kinzinger (29 percent).

Among Republican lawmakers still in office, Pennsylvania Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick was the lowest score in the House, with only 24 percent. In the Senate, Maine Senator Susan Collins scored the lowest with only 38 percent.