Rancher Says CCP And Bill Gates’ Purchase Of Land Is About Planned Food Shortages

(PresidentialHill.com)- The Great Reset is bunk.

One rancher in Nebraska who comes from six generations of farmers dating back to the 1830s agrees.

Trent Loos, 55, knows what true sustainability looks like and what makes it possible: fuel—exactly what globalist Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and their international partners want to banish by 2030 with their climate agenda. Trent Loos’ ancestors immigrated to this country from Germany two centuries ago. According to Loos, “conservation is about generating more with less.” In 1900, 10 acres of land were needed to provide one year’s worth of food for one person. It requires less than a third of an acre in 2021.

All of that is due to diesel power.

Of the ten acres, five were used to feed mules and horses. Five hundred man-hours of effort are now replaced by one gallon of diesel. According to Loos, this is the true motivation behind the onslaught of fossil fuels. With fuel, he claimed, “we can consistently achieve the efficiency of producing more food with fewer inputs.” “Without fuel, we regress by 100 years to the era of the horse-and-buggy.”

Governments worldwide are increasing fuel costs and reducing the viability of sustainable agriculture with every move they make, whether through carbon taxes, pipeline bans, impractical drilling regulations, or shipping fuel reserves in tankers to China.

By 2030, Biden’s Executive Order 14008, sometimes known as the “30 by 30” project, intends to remove 30% of land from food production. We also fail to see the $369 billion flowing into conservation initiatives as we watch 87,000 newly hired IRS agents take their positions after the Inflation Reduction Act.

According to Loos, “government officials who seek to instruct farmers on how to care for their land have hijacked the entire concept of conservation.” It involves controlling individuals. The rancher’s family is not a concern for him. Raising pigs and animals can put enough food on the table. Loos stays at night worrying about the other 329.5 million Americans, particularly those who reside in major cities like New York and Los Angeles.

He cautions that a severe threat to national security comes from food security.

Loos believes that China is purchasing our resources at an alarming rate.

The Dutch government’s 30-by-30 plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve carbon sequestration has led to food shortages in many parts of the world. The Great Reset appears to be underway, as farmers are speaking up more against land restrictions.