Rachel Maddow Is leaving TV To Take A Break

(PresidentialHill.com)- After struggling to improve her ratings over the last year, far-left “news” anchor Rachel Maddow is reportedly taking a break from her MSNBC show to join Ben Stiller in the production of a new movie based on her 2020 book “Bag Man.”

Maddow will be working with the actor to turn her 2018 book into a movie that explores political scandals that took place during the Nixon administration.

On Monday night, she told her audience that there “may eventually be another hiatus again sometime in [her] future” but that she is taking it “one step at a time.”

The news comes after reports that Maddow was demanding dramatically increased pay from MSNBC in order to continue filming her show, citing her desire to leave the news to pursue more artistic projects. Maddow already makes $30 million per year from the network, and will receive that every year through 2024 as part of her latest contract.

Maddow is expected to appear on some broadcasts during her hiatus. She also told her audience that she would likely return to cover President Joe Biden’s state of the union address, due to take place this Spring, as well as other major news stories.

Are you sad to see her go?

No, us neither.