Putin Video Shows Him Shaking

(PresidentialHill.com)- New footage surfaced where Russian President Vladimir Putin was visibly seen shaking and swaying back and forth on Sunday. The video was posted by U.K. Express, showing Putin standing next to Nikita Mikhalkov, a filmmaker accepting the State Prize of the Russian Federation for his work in the arts.

Putin reportedly appeared to be struggling to stand still as his leg was noticeably shaking. When he took the podium, his body appeared to rock to back and forth as he shifted his weight on his buckling legs.

Doubt has been raised over the Russian President’s health over the last few months as Russia levied war against Ukraine on February 24. Some have claimed that Putin has cancer or Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s is a nervous system disorder that causes the body to move uncontrollably; tremors are also a symptom.

One Russian officer from Russia’s main intelligence service reportedly said that Putin only has two to three years left to live as a result of a progressing cancer. Another oligarch close to Putin said that he was “very ill with blood cancer,” according to Newsmax.

Putin has been suffering from headaches and bad eyesight, the officer added, so that when he is making speeches, he needs the words printed in front of him where the letters are so large only two sentences fit on the page.

A classified report by U.S. intelligence said that the Russian President underwent cancer treatment back in April. It is allegedly the fourth assessment on Putin’s health that has been conducted thus far. An official from the Defense Intelligence Agency told Newsmax that Putin’s isolation not only makes it hard for them to assess his health, but that his isolation has increased speculation that something is wrong.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov denies these claims, saying that the president is not ill. “President Putin appears in public every day. You can see him on the screens, read his speeches, listen to his speeches,” he said.

Putin was also recently seen fiercely gripping the table with his hand during a meeting in Moscow, according to the New York Post. A medical professor at St George’s, University of London, reportedly said that he believes Putin is suffering from Parkinson’s.