Putin Reveals His 2024 Pick

So much for Trump being Putin’s puppet.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country would rather have Joe Biden re-elected than Donald Trump because Biden is more predictable.

In an interview with Russian state television on Wednesday, Putin made his first remarks on the approaching US presidential race, which is expected to include Biden and Trump.

In his native language, Putin expressed that Biden is “old school” and more of a politician cut from the old template, making him much more accessible to figure out. Ultimately, though, Putin said he is willing to collaborate with any American president who has the support of the people.

The remarks by Putin raised eyebrows, considering how the US administration had previously seen Putin’s support for Trump and the Kremlin’s attempts to sway American elections in his favor.

The White House put their preferred spin on the revelation, with National security spokesperson John Kirby saying Putin knows what Biden’s been doing to undermine Russia. Kriby also implied that Putin ought to refrain from interfering with the elections in our country.

Trump wasted no time in praising the comments at his campaign rally on Wednesday night, describing it as a “great compliment” to him. Trump pointed out by not being endorsed by Putin it means Putin fears Trump and not Biden.

The United States intelligence community claimed that Russian agents hacked Democratic emails and helped distribute them in the days leading up to the 2016 election, swaying the contest in favor of Trump over Clinton, the Democratic opponent.

This operation was directed by Putin.

The intelligence community has also concluded that Putin had sanctioned influence operations during the 2020 election with the goals of smearing Biden, strengthening Trump, decreasing voter trust, and widening societal gaps in the United States.

Despite their history of mutual appreciation, Trump and Putin have both rejected these notions. President Trump’s foreign policy toward Russia was also criticized by Putin, who called it badly flawed and wrong.

These comments are made at a time when tensions are rising between Russia and the West, and there are significant differences inside the United States on the most effective way to fight Russia and assist Ukraine.

Biden had promised to defend every inch of NATO territory. According to the white house, Trump had bowed down to a Russian dictator with his comments about allowing Putin to have his way with any NATO country that didn’t pay its fair share.

Many pundits believe Trump’s remarks will strengthen NATO, thus weakening Russia.