Putin Reportedly Wants Tucker Carlson To Live

(PresidentialHill.com)- According to a report, during a recent discussion about how Russia should deal with the U.S. involvement in the Ukraine war, an analyst on Russian state TV called Fox News host Tucker Carlson one American who should not be killed.

Dmitry Drobnitsky, who is called an “Americanist,” said that Russia should spare one U.S. citizen in any of the scenarios that his fellow analysts came up with.

After Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine last February, things worsened between the U.S. and Russia. Like other Western countries, the U.S. supported Ukraine by giving it billions of dollars in military aid. It is thought to have helped the Eastern European country’s defenses, which angered Russia.

Russian politicians and media figures have used state TV, favorable to the Kremlin, to shut down dissent during the war and made fun of the West for getting involved. They often suggest using nuclear weapons to stop the West from helping Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson reports that media outlets in Ukraine criticizing the Zelenskyy government have also been shut down. They can’t play Russian music. They can’t vote for a party in the opposition because all of them have been shut down. Their churches are being searched, and their priests are being taken into custody. But the US believes this is good for the democracy of Ukraine.

President Joe Biden and others have said that America must help Ukraine defend its freedom.

Carlson said that our leaders are calling this “freedom.” This tells you a lot about what they plan to do here in the US. Why is censorship the right thing to do?

Russian TV host Margarita Simonyan said that the war could end with nuclear weapons used against the U.S. because she thinks that neither country would back down from a possible fight. But a nuclear war would probably kill everyone on both sides.