Putin Ally Found Shot To Death

(PresidentialHill.com)- A prominent corporation executive who allegedly transferred Russian military equipment for the Ukraine-Russia war has been discovered dead.

According to the local daily news, Pavel Pchelnikov, 52, was the head of communications for Digital Logistics, a Russian Railways company. His corpse was discovered on the balcony of his central Moscow residence around 6:30 in the morning local time last Wednesday.

The death is being investigated by police, with Russian media saying that the type of his injuries suggested that he committed suicide without going into greater detail.

However, Pchelnikov was allegedly murdered by gunshot, according to the website Top Cargo 200. The website uses open source information to monitor and broadcast the deaths of senior Russian officers in their war in Ukraine.

According to reports, Digital Logistics was criticized for failing to safeguard the infrastructure of the Russian Railway network from hackers located in Ukraine, resulting in delays in essential supplies reaching the Russian military.

A Russian website reported Pchelnikov had been on vacation from where he uploaded photographs the previous month. They wondered what caused Pchelnikov to take such a desperate move as killing himself. According to reports, several media outlets have tried to contact the Russian Defense Ministry as well as the Russian Railways subsidiary Digital Logistics for comment.

The Russian websites have reported the incident, noting that Pchelnikov was the latest high-ranking businessman to die. With a number of mysterious deaths still under investigation, Some of them were reportedly tied to the energy giant Gazprom.

Yuri Voronov’s body was discovered in July with a gunshot wound to the head, a handgun nearby, and casings at the bottom of his pool at his home in the Leningrad region. The 61-year-old founded Astra-Shipping, a transport and logistics firm that worked on Gazprom contracts in the Arctic.

Quitting must not have been an option for those men. And dead people can’t file for unemployment benefits.