Protestors Call For Biden’s Impeachment

( As US President Joe Biden made his first trip to the southern border, several hundred people marched through the streets of El Paso, Texas, calling for Biden’s impeachment.

Protesters spoke out against new limitations intended to stop unauthorized border crossings.

Cubans, Nicaraguans, Haitians, and Venezuelans will be deported to Mexico if they enter the US illegally, according to a policy called Title 42 that was expanded by Biden last week.

The new limits mark a significant shift in immigration policies that will endure even if the US Supreme Court strikes down a public health statute from the Trump administration that permits US authorities to turn away asylum seekers.

Approximately 300 migrants have taken cover outside the Sacred Heart Church in El Paso; many are too terrified to look for safety elsewhere.

President Biden made his first journey to the troubled Mexican border since taking office two years ago on Sunday afternoon, landing Air Force One in El Paso, Texas, for a scant three-hour visit.

The 80-year-old Biden, who is rumored to be “all in” on a reelection bid in 2024 and is scheduled to announce his plans in a few weeks, has drawn harsh criticism for his inability to stem the flow of migrants into the US as well as for rescinding several policies put in place by former President Donald Trump that contributed to the escalation.

As the president approaches the border, US Border Patrol officers dismiss his first trip to the area as coming “too little, too late” and expressing “beyond frustration” with the current state of affairs.

During the stay, Biden visited a local immigration aid center and the busiest border crossing, the Bridge of the Americas.

Biden saw the federal agency’s facilities at the bridge and witnessed a demonstration of car searches at the border, where officials looked for narcotics, cash, and contraband.

The border Czar, Kamala Harris, was unavailable for any cackling.