Prince Harry Ex Reveals What Happened In Secret

( Former reality TV star Catherine Ommanney recently claimed that she had a one-month fling with Prince Harry while he was in a relationship with businesswoman Chelsy Davy.

Ommanney told the UK tabloid The Sun that she wanted fans to know that her supposed fling with Prince Harry happened but she suspected Harry wasn’t likely to reveal it in his upcoming book.

And since Harry’s book “Spare” probably won’t include any details, the attention-hungry Ommanney decided to talk to the tabloid.

The former “Real Housewives of DC” star claimed that her brief affair with Harry began when she was a 34-year-old divorcee with two children and he was only 21.

The now-51-year- claimed to have met Prince Harry at a trendy bar in London’s Chelsea district in May 2006. She described their fling as a casual hook-up, telling the tabloid that since Harry was only 21, a relationship was “the furthest thing from my mind.”

According to her account, Ommanney and Harry left the Chelsea bar together and spent the night clubbing before ending up at his friend’s flat where they “started mucking about like teenagers” – singing into toothbrushes as if they were microphones and taking pictures while sitting clothed in the bathtub.

She said they went into the kitchen where Harry made a bacon sandwich, and then they sat in the kitchen talking “for ages,” adding they both “had the giggles.”

Ommanney also claimed the two of them began “wrestling” for fifteen minutes before she told Harry that she needed to go home.

According to the Sun, the older mother of two went on a couple more dates with Harry before the tabloids caught wind of their fling.

Once it made the tabloid press, Prince Harry changed his phone number and their romance came to an end.

She said she didn’t see him again until 2009 after she remarried.