Prince Andrew Reportedly A “Couch Potato” Before Ghislaine Maxwell

( The BBC is airing a documentary on Ghislaine Maxwell called “The House of Maxwell,” the second episode of which aired last week. So to promote the gossipy documentary, the UK Express is dredging up old gossip about Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell.

Prince Andrew met Maxwell when she was a student at Oxford in the 1980s. And according to the gossipy article, friends of the Duke’s told the Evening Standard over twenty years ago that meeting Maxwell changed Andrew, transforming him from a “couch potato to a man about town.”

If papers are having to go through twenty-year-old newspaper archives, maybe it’s time to move on and stop reporting about Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell.

The UK Express doesn’t touch on a single new detail in this piece. Instead, it rehashes items from old reports and interviews, then describes all the accounts of when Prince Andrew was spotted out on the town with Maxwell and Epstein.

Once the article finishes rehashing old news reports about Prince Andrew’s friendship with the duo, the Express article then rehashes all the old news reports about Epstein’s arrest and suicide, Maxwell’s arrest and conviction, and the lawsuit against Prince Andrew brought by former Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre.

With those recaps completed, the article then rehashes how Prince Andrew, despite being stripped of his official duties, escorted his mother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the memorial service held for Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh at Westminster Abby in late March.

The article then quotes former BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt who claims that Prince Andrew escorting his mother means the Palace is trying to rehab Prince Andrew’s image.

The British tabloid press just will not let go of this scandalous story, even if they have to dredge through twenty-year-old news reports just to keep it alive.