Popular TV Show’s Illicit Scenes Cause Controversy

People are speaking out against The Weeknd’s new series “The Idol,” calling the graphic rape fantasy scenarios revolting and insulting.

According to a report, many of his fans were referring to a sexually graphic scene from Sunday night in which Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, demands a woman defile herself.  There are also brief sequences of a seductive nature that gradually devolve into pornographic ones.

The report suggests we can finally abandon the old cliche that “sex sells” because fans aren’t responding to the groundbreaking sex scenes the way Tesfaye and his director Sam Levinson might have anticipated.  Some viewers have found the severe substance and delivery of the words, along with the provocative visuals, to be off-putting rather than engaging.

The number of negative comments posted online has skyrocketed, and many aren’t holding back.

One commenter called the Weeknd a pervert. Another said they lost respect for him. 

Another fan pointed out that the program promotes rape fantasies and porn and thought it was awful that the performers support rape.

Another viewer cautioned others not to watch “The Idol” just to see what all the fuss is about. They suggested avoiding watching it altogether. Don’t give it importance or recognition as a form of media. Watching Sam Levinson’s show depicting rape is unnecessary. Engaging in the activity and discussing it still provides him with social influence.

According to Tradition, Family, and Property, restoring a moral code of conduct that prevents abuse and naturally controls emotions is the only long-term remedy. Not that long ago, having intercourse with someone outside of marriage was seen as sinful. They sinned because they were using sexual actions for purposes other than reproduction, which is the one God intended. Those with questionable morality were looked down upon.

We are now suffering from the loss of that era. The natural protections that prevent sexual abuse are being disregarded while everyone is complaining about abusive relationships and harassment. The actual problem of the character of these activities is not being addressed. 

This is why a passing trend like #metoo died out.