Popular Priest Brings Word Of God To Social Media

Even though he’s cutting down on his social media use for Lent, Father Mike Schmitz—a well-known presence—speaks highly of their significance and worth.

The priest, also the director of youth and young adult ministries in the Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota, continued by telling the tale of a girl who, while a high school student at the height of the epidemic, found the Bible again.

She found it on TikTok, of all places, and not in a church.

“For You” materials are filled with faith-driven material, so she isn’t the only one who finds inspiration on social media.

The creators of these viral films on TikTok cleverly used Gen Z slang terms to update classic texts for a younger audience.

Mary was devoted to God and praying when the angel Gabriel appeared and told her she passed God’s test, and he wanted her to be the mother of the main character, the son of the “top G.'”  This is how the most popular TikTok video from Gen Z Bible Stories explains “The Annunciation,” a significant event recognized by Christians as the announcement of Mary conceiving and giving birth to the son of God.

Father Mike Schmitz pointed out in an interview that social media can do two things: legitimize and divide. It may also bring people together. Knowing that other people, despite their differences, have been through the same things and have the same viewpoints may be reassuring.

While it’s true that social media might make you feel less alone, the priest emphasized avoiding echo chambers.

Since its debut in 2021, his “Bible in a Year” podcast has maintained a top spot on Apple Podcasts lists, demonstrating his vast social media reach.

He went on to say that the point of making a sacrifice during Lent is to let go of something that distracts you daily so that you may devote more time and energy to growing your relationship with God.

But Father Mike Schmitz is having difficulty focusing on God during Lent because of all the social media distractions. According to the priest, it’s not enough to spend more time in prayer; we must also give Him a portion of our lives.