Popular Landmark Removed From Town Logo Because It’s Too “Old-Fashioned”

(PresidentialHill.com)- The city of Cologne in Germany plans to remove any reference to its renowned cathedral tower from its logo because it is too “old-fashioned.”

“Old fashioned” is code for canceling tradition because it isn’t in lockstep with progressive wokeness. Wokeness demands the past be obliterated so that progressives can build the future.

Cologne Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is Germany’s most visited attraction and Northern Europe’s biggest Gothic cathedral. But, it’s “old-fashioned.”

The logo has a field of color with two white triangles. The triangles symbolize the cathedral’s spires.

The city’s lawmakers commissioned a “market study” of the logo, which judged it to be “old-fashioned, big, and soulless.”

The city feels that in comparison to other European cities, the antiquated design does not echo the character of a livable, extremely appealing metropolis.

The decision to remove the emblem from official letterheads, work uniforms, and other official signs has sparked widespread outrage.
Beatrix von Storch, the deputy parliamentary leader of Alternative for Germany, expressed consternation, saying that no one had ever conquered Germany. Its citizens are the ones who choose to eliminate its culture.
The erasing of the cathedral was ruefully compared by Gerhard Papke, head of the German-Hungarian Society, to the treatment of Muslims in Cologne, who are granted the freedom to blast the call to prayer.
Many people believe that removing the logo is part of Germany’s process of national catharsis because they are ashamed of their past.
The shame is widespread. Germany’s CDU political party is contemplating eliminating the term “Christian” from its name to appeal to a more diversified audience.
When German Chancellor Angela Merkel confessed that her decision to let a million migrants into the nation was a mistake, feminists in Cologne responded by offering flowers to incoming migrants at the refugee center.
Merkel’s mistake led to over a thousand German women being molested on New Year’s Eve in Cologne.
Buildings, statues, logos, and words are not protected from the ravages of progressivism, but that pales in comparison when human beings are ravaged as well.