Poll Shows Most Americans Support Border Wall

Over the last several years, the state of American society, politics and cultural affairs has deteriorated markedly. Since the 2016 presidential election and the upset victory of the business real estate and entrepreneurial mogul from New York City Donald Trump over the democratic challenger Hillary Clinton the state of American politics has completely shifted. While political polarization and tension has been rising slowly for a while, Trump’s victory threw everything into uncertainty and the fissure and divide within the country was greatly exacerbated. In 2020, the former vice president under Barack Obama, a career public servant named Joe Biden defeated Trump in a closely contested election at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensured that Trump’s first term in office would not be followed up with a second consecutive term. In the present day, it appears that the 2024 general election will be a likely rematch of the 2020 contest.

The November election of 2024 is quite uncertain in terms of predictability and outcome. Donald Trump faces four criminal indictments and a slew of legal allegations and has been bogged down in litigation for many months now. Trump has yet to be proven guilty of anything, but remains wildly unpopular. In the other hand, Biden is also extremely unpopular for an incumbent president, and Americans have endured economic, social and political turmoil during his presidency. Millions of illegal migrants have notably entered the nation over the last several years through a porous southern border. The federal government has appeared powerless to stop the flow of people entering illegally.

Many Americans have taken notice, and while Biden initially ended Trump’s construction of a border wall, some building has resumed. In a recent poll delivered by TIPP, 59% of respondents stated that they believed additional construction of a border wall was needed to address the ongoing crisis. Ultimately, time will tell whether or not the border issue will sink Biden politically