Pig Owner Warned That Pig Is Too Fat To Live In City Limits

(PresidentialHill.com)- The owners of a “too pudgy” potbelly pet pig are at odds with Oklahoma officials over the size of their pet, which appears to exceed the city’s rules.

Larry escaped from his pig pen on Thursday, oinking and running through the streets of Moore and blocking a road. Cops and animal control officers later apprehended him.

Following Larry’s capture, city officials warned the pig’s owner Steffany Jones, claiming that Larry was too chubby to be kept within city limits. Animal control officers gave her a written warning, giving her two weeks to relocate her pig or put him on a diet.

‘They told me I could keep him if he lost weight,’ she explained. Larry’s exact weight is unknown, but according to city ordinance, pigs must not exceed 75 pounds and 20 inches long.

Jones is embroiled in a legal battle with city officials over an amendment to the city’s ordinance.

Larry broke free from his pen and became the town’s runaway pig last week, igniting the controversy. Jones called the incident an accident.

‘He got out of his pen and walked up the street,’ she explained.

According to Jones, Larry ‘never had any problems before,’ and he is well-liked by everyone. ‘All my neighbors and their children adore him,’ she says.

Larry is well cared for and adored by his family. He also has a 6-year-old boy with Autism at home who would be “devastated if Larry died.”

On the other hand, officials were less than thrilled when they had to respond to a pig blocking a road.

Two uniformed officers and animal control personnel can be seen on video chasing the pig down the road in an attempt to catch him. The black and white boar can be heard screeching loudly at one point after officials cornered him with a cane.

Moore Police Department tweeted on Thursday that the pig had been “safely captured by Moore Animal Control with wrangling assistance from Moore police officers.”

Kelly Jones received Larry as a wedding present from her husband in 2014 and refers to him as her ‘baby.’

Jones will attend a city council meeting Tuesday night, hoping to change a city ordinance.