Photograph Shows 1989 Newspaper Describing A Plot To Microchip Humans

( An alleged newspaper article from 1989 described how coded microchips implanted in every person in the country would tie all of us to a central agency that could track and monitor a person at a moment’s notice.

The article’s author, Joe Frick, believed that high-level government officials were promoting the secret plan as a way to protect the people, but some say it was just another way for Big Brother to keep the citizens in line.

Davis Milerand, a critic of the government, claimed he heard from inside sources that top-level national security agents were trying to persuade authorities in the Bush Administration to start a devious project in which every man, woman, and child would be implanted with a tiny transmitter.

Milerand claimed they were trying to convince people that this was a good way for police to quickly find criminals, spies, and those who have gone missing. But with the incredible technology we have now, all of your data could be stored on a microchip that would be linked to a government supercomputer. All government agencies will be able to monitor what everyone has done and perhaps what they will do in the future.

According to the story, other sources said that the transmitters could be injected into humans without pain from a small gun as part of a nationwide vaccination program, and the people wouldn’t suspect a thing.

It would be possible that doctors wouldn’t know what they were injecting into their patients. People could be told that the microchips were genetic implants that change the way the body fights disease.

Under the program, all federal, state, and local government workers would have to be chipped.

Thus, it would only be a matter of time before the government implanted a microchip into everyone, turning them into pieces of fleshy machinery that carry out operations in response to a set of coded instructions.