Pentagon Shared UFO Encounter Details, Witness Blue Glow

Ten years of study and two patents have been prompted by an experience with a gigantic, luminous UFO that a contractor saw while working for the US Department of Defense.

An engineer from the Pentagon was one of three eyewitnesses who claimed to have recorded electronic proof of a UFO with a barbell form and an eerie, vibrant blue illumination. The object was approximately half the length of a football field.

Over a former logging road in southern Ontario, Canada, the craft glided quietly on August 28, 2013. The recorded information may be the only evidence of not just a craft’s ability to fly but also that its flight is powered by an extraordinarily intricate and powerful electromagnetic propulsion system.

According to UFO investigator Robert Powell, this form has only existed in perhaps 50 to 60 occurrences throughout history. Powell went to the contractor’s lab to help him figure out what was causing a strange interference in his UFO footage.

As they were making their way back to civilization after a nighttime black bear hunting adventure on August 28, 2013, they had their UFO experience. The witness, a military contractor, said that the object was coated with indigo-blue plasma.  It was about 170 feet long, 60 feet broad, and 20 feet tall. The military contractor said the spacecraft slowly rotated while shooting off electricity, which always flowed in the opposite direction of its movement.

The military contractor was able to capture footage of the event using his camera, which had been functioning well both before and after the incident. But the camera produced only static as the UFO continued its slow spinning motion for almost seven or eight minutes.

Another similarly illuminated aircraft appeared on the horizon, and the two UFOs took off at lightning-fast speed. Visual static and the shocked voices of the witnesses on video were all that remained of the moment.  At about one-second intervals, the video recording displayed a flawless pulsing function that corresponded to the UFO’s lights revolving. The massive A/C motor’s magnetic field had disrupted the electronics.

To encase the spacecraft in plasma, it would need a power output of at least 160 million watts, and its surface area was around 3.1 million square inches.

Powell understands and sympathizes with doubters who point out that the case is only anecdotal.

Even if it makes for a compelling tale, there is no evidence.