Pentagon Insider Says U.S. Likely Sabotaged Pipeline

( In a bombshell report, a Pentagon insider said that the United States and Great Britain likely sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines to prevent Germany from bailing out on Ukraine during its war with Russia after its chancellor said that he was not going to send any more weapons to Ukraine, according to Summit News. The comments were made by retired U.S. Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor during the Judging Freedom podcast.

On September 28, damages from explosions were confirmed at Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines. Western leaders pointed fingers at Russian vessels spotted around the location ahead of the incident. Investigations are still underway to determine what led to the leaks within the pipes which supply gas from Russia to Europe.

Moscow has accused the U.S. of sabotage, with the Russian embassy taking to its Telegram account to suggest that U.S. legislators “have a better view from the top of Capitol Hill.”

Colonel Macgregor said that a process of elimination rules out Germany as a suspect for sabotaging the pipelines, since they are dependent on the pipeline for energy. Russia is also an unlikely suspect because it makes no financial sense for them to destroy their own infrastructure.

“Would the Russians destroy their own pipeline? 40 percent of Russian gross national product or gross domestic product consists of foreign currency that comes into the country to purchase natural gas, oil, coal and so forth. So the Russians did not do this. The notion that they did I think is absurd,” Macgregor said.

Polish MEP Radoslaw Sikorski, in a now deleted tweet, wrote “Thank you, USA,” Macgregor noted, saying that the Polish are enthusiastic over who did it.

500 kg of TNT had reportedly been detected in both explosions, leading Macgregor to cite the capabilities of the British Royal Navy and the United States Navy Special Operations.

“I think that’s pretty clear. We know that thousands of pounds of TNT were used because these pipelines are enormously robust. You have several inches of concrete around various metal alloys to move the natural gas. So it’s not something that you could simply drop a grenade down at the end of a fish line and disrupt. That means it takes a certain amount of sophistication,” he said, adding that this was done to prevent Germany from bailing on Ukraine during the war when they began “to give the impression that they were no longer going to go along with this proxy war in Ukraine.”

Macgregor said that it was not entirely certain if it was the U.S., but that it seems likely.
“Berlin was drifting away from this alliance,” the former official said. “[Chancellor] Olaf Scholz said ‘I’m not sending any more equipment, I won’t send any tanks’. Now he’s in a bind because the United States has simply robbed him of the option of bailing out. Who’s going to supply him gas and oil and coal and everything else if he bails out? Where does he turn now? And remember, the Germans, who are facing terrible consequences at home refuse to restart nuclear power plants.”