Pence Says Trump Told Him On January 6th: “It’s Too Terrible To End Like This”

( Less than a week after the Capitol uprising on January 6, 2021, former president Mike Pence disclosed a conversation he had with the president at the time, Donald Trump. Pence claims that Trump mused aloud about the rally he had held that morning in Washington, D.C., where he had instructed irate fans to march to the Capitol to retain power.

In an extract from his upcoming book, So Help Me God, Vice President Mike Pence remembers the chaotic scene at the Capitol that day as rioters attacked the building. Pence presided over the certification of the 2020 presidential election in his capacity as vice president.

Despite losing the election, Trump spent weeks telling his voters about how the election was stolen from him. Naturally, many people trusted him and reacted violently as a result.

Some protesters screamed, “Hang Mike Pence!” while a gallows was constructed outside the Capitol. They were angry with Pence for not annulling the results, something he had the power to do.

Pence described how staff members tried to take him out of the building that day:

When we entered the loading dock, we noticed that our motorcade had been rearranged, with all the cars pointing toward the exit ramp. Mr. Giebels started escorting us to our vehicles. I came to a stop and refused to get in the car.

A secret service agent told Pence they would just let him wait in the car, reassuring him that they were not leaving the Capitol.

“Tim, I believe you,” I said. “You’re a man of integrity, but you’re not driving that car.” I knew that somebody would tell the driver to get us out of the building if we got into the car.

Pence claimed that he met with Trump five days later:

On January 11, I spoke with the president. His voice sounded weaker than usual, and he appeared exhausted. He asked, “Were you afraid?”

I answered, “No, I was angry. That day, Mr. President, you and I had our disagreements, and I was furious to see those people destroying the Capitol.”

His voice faltered as he began to discuss the election and how furious people were.

I told him to put that aside, and he muttered, “Yeah,” in agreement.

Then, the former vice president claimed Trump was reflective.

“What if we hadn’t held the rally, the president pondered, sounding really unhappy in his voice.”

“It’s too terrible to end like this,” Trump said.