Pence Advisor Stops Just Short Of Calling Trump A Criminal

( On Monday, former Vice President Mike Pence’s advisor Marc Short hesitated to call former President Donald Trump a “criminal.”

When it came to the attack on the Capitol on January 6, Short did not show any mercy for Trump, but he did speculate that the outgoing president might have merely taken lousy legal advice at the time.

The former chief of staff for Pence appeared on CNN Tonight, where he spoke with guest presenter Kasie Hunt on the GOP’s future and the last days of the Trump administration. Hunt questioned Short on why the former VP is “shying away” from attacking Trump now that he is running and Pence is allegedly considering a candidacy.

Short responded, “He said the president was wrong. He said it often in front of the public. Last week, he did it on the CNN town hall. I don’t believe he steered clear of it.

Hunt questioned him on if the numerous probes into Trump may inspire rivals, like Pence, to challenge him for the GOP candidacy. “How might a Trump indictment affect the former vice president’s intentions and those of other conceivable 2024 candidates?” she inquired.

Short stated that each of Trump’s potential opponents, including his previous employer, will have to face that question.

Short added, “I don’t know that it affects the former vice president’s plans in any way. “I guess you’d have to ask them,” the speaker said, “to the extent it influences others.”

Hunt then questioned Short about his opinions on whether Trump acted improperly in the days preceding the attack on the Capitol.

“Do you believe Donald Trump should be prosecuted for what happened on January 6th at the Capitol?” Hunt enquired.

Short sidestepped the topic by claiming that Trump’s actions were unsatisfactory. But you don’t believe he’s an offender, Hunt continued.

He said it’s difficult to conclude that following evil counsel would constitute a crime.

In his closing days as president, Trump paid attention to legal counsel from Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, among others. During the CNN town hall last week, Pence was questioned about Trump’s legal staff and remarked, “There were some legal experts that were allowed on the White House premises which should have never been allowed through the gate.”