Pelosi Family Member Takes New Job

( Remember when President Joe Biden promised not to hire members of his own family, in a dig aimed at former President Donald Trump?

Well, apparently that pledge didn’t include members of his friends’ families.

A relative of far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly just taken a key position in the Department of Housing and Urban Administration.

Alexis Pelosi is the latest senior adviser in the Office of Community Planning and Development, and her appointment was announced on Monday. Pelosi’s role will involve advising on how the department can ensure a good quality of life and the continuation of key services in government-assisted areas. She will also focus on ensuring job availability and providing assistance to local businesses.

The department told Fox News that they were “excited” to welcome Pelosi onto the team by claimed that the decision was made based on her “demonstrated background in housing and policy.”

Sure…but what about the family name? Are we to believe that the name had nothing to do with it?

And if it did – which it obviously did – then why can’t the Democrats just admit that Trump’s decision to hire members of his own family may have been made based on his knowledge of their capabilities?

If the government can hire a Pelosi family member based on their “experience,” then so can Trump.